Where to Visit and What to do in Denmark

denmarkDenmark is probably one of Europe’s best kept secrets. For those planning to travel during their next holiday, this is one of the places you should consider visiting. The best time to visit the nation is between May and August as the weather is just perfect and most of the festivals are held over the period.If you are wondering what these attractions are, then read on to discover.


A tour of Denmark offers you the opportunity to experience Viking history first hand. One of the best ways of doing this is by hiring a car, with which you can effortlessly crisscross all the Viking historical places. These include the National Museum in Copenhagen where there are all sorts of artefacts from the Viking Age, including weapons, jewelry and rune stones. You can also visit Roskilde where the Viking Ship Museum is located. Here you can see all their majestic ships that they used for trade, travel and conquest. Alternatively, you can visit their burial grounds in Funen or participate in the Viking Moot that occurs every July in Aarhus and in which all the aspects of Viking life are recreated.


Denmark is the birthplace of Lego and hence it would be sacrilegious to visit it without making time for a tour of Legoland in Billund. The theme park features some of the most amazing structures and scenes built using the toy bricks. These include all the iconic places in Denmark and from all over the world, scaled down and built using the plastic bricks. There are even animals built in such a manner! It is especially ideal for those accompanied by children as they will definitely enjoy every minute in the park.

Often, the best way of enjoying your trip is by taking a car tour around Copenhagen. Hiring a car for this purpose offers you an unparalleled level of convenience. Apart from being affordable, it offers you the opportunity to visit all the places you desire within the city. You may visit the Little Mermaid Statue by the seaside or the many castles that are located throughout the city. The options are simply innumerable.


Denmark is not particularly well known for its music. That does not mean it is all boring and no action takes place. In fact, you will be surprised to learn that it has some of the liveliest music festivals in Northern Europe. The Copenhagen Jazz Festival and the Roskilde Festival are some of the ones you cannot afford to miss. In addition to this, live music is played in most of the social places in the country, keeping you entertained throughout the duration of your tour.


A Danish holiday can never be truly complete without visiting Odense, a small town that is the birthplace of Hans Christian. If that name sounds familiar, it probably is. He wrote amazing fairytales such as ‘The Little Mermaid’ and ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’. You can participate in the annual marathon held in his honor or tour the H.C. Andersen Museum that was opened over a century ago as a tribute to his works. You can also experience the village life of his time by arranging a tour of such places as The Funen Village and the Washing Site. Touring these places can be made even more convenient by hiring a car and driving yourself around.

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