Wedding Photo Sydney: Wedding Ideas for 2015

One of the most memorable milestones in a person’s life is the day he is married. To keep the memories fresh, a wedding photo Sydney service is called for. These are professionals that make you look good on your wedding day. Or, at least, you would look good in the wedding pictures. These also happen to be some of the most popular personal pictures that friends and relatives like to view. For 2015, there are some trends in weddings and events photography that you should consider if you are going to tie the knot.

Proposal photography and videos

Location weddingNowadays, a wedding photo schedule gets quite hectic. The aim of the multiple photo shoots is to recreate the romance through video and pictures. Aside from the actual photos from the event, there are also proposal and pre-nuptial photo shoots, and the after-wedding and reception photos. For a wedding photo Sydney, there are a lot of possible locations for proposal photos. The team help create the story behind the wedding. For a lot of people, the excitement begins with the proposal photos. The trend is to have these shot with hidden cameras, both for stills and for video. It might even come with a production number of sorts.

Pre-nuptial photography and videos

Pre-nuptial photography is another growing trend and expected to become more popular in the coming years. This is more of a dress rehearsal and fashion photography for the couple and entourage. In some instances, it can be used like a movie trailer to be shown before the wedding, or during the reception. Getting everything done right for wedding photo Sydney is a lot of work. This requires a team of professionals who know their job, and have done it countless times before.

Marriage of creative stills and video

With the technical developments in photography, most people already use cameras in their daily lives. These include photos from their cell phones, tablets and from cheap compact cameras. This development has forced professional photographers to be more creative and offer better services. In addition, DSLR’s are now capable of filming movie quality videos. This has helped Sydney wedding photos to offer a better-integrated package of video and photo services at a reasonable price.

Video montage with more pictures

When getting married, wedding photography Sydney can be a big help before and after the ceremony. It puts people in a frame of mind. It reminds the bride and groom, and their relatives and friends that the wedding is happening. A video montage can be created with pictures from friends and from different cameras. This can also be done on site as well during the wedding proper or viewed almost on real-time while it happens.

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