Health, Safety and Environmental Services in Australia Help the Government in Providing Safe Place for all of its Stakeholders

With significant amounts of chemicals being used in constructions and manufacturing industries, the government is increasingly monitoring all agencies related to health, safety and environment protection. To cope, the government is tapping more cooperation from health, safety and environmental service private providers like Occupational Hygiene and Monitoring  to respond to emergencies and incidents related to the use, storage, handling and disposal of hazardous chemicals like asbestos and other hazardous wastes.

swe2Asbestos is a chemical that is abundantly used manufacturing goods and in constructing buildings and homes in Australia. With the imposition of strict control over the use, storage, handling and disposal of this chemical, Australian government implemented guidelines and requirements for the management, safe handling and disposal of asbestos and asbestos-containing materials (ACM). Private sectors are tapped in implementing the requirements and provide accreditation to agencies like Occupational Hygiene and Monitoring to safeguard and protect the general public as well as people involved in disposal and handling of the hazardous chemical wastes.

Citizens are reminded to engage only to authorized and licensed asbestos removalist or contractors and must follow the strict guidelines in removing, disposal and transporting asbestos wastes. It’s also a requirement for homebuilders to engage an Occupational Hygiene Monitoring agency before renovating or building a house or building in order not to disturb asbestos containing materials or ACM.

In order to assist home and property owners, the government has created a national asbestos register system to monitor asbestos containing materials and it’s a requirement for a homeowner to register whenever they suspect presence of asbestos in their homes and property. To help the government in implementing the requirement, each state’s health, safety and environmental services such as Asbestos Register and Management Canberra is offering services like asbestos registering as well as handling, transporting and disposal of asbestos containing materials. All workers are with certifications and licensed from EPA to ensure that all works are coordinated and following the strict guidance.

However, before an asbestos removal can be undertaken, air monitoring should be done before scheduling or carrying out the task. This is to protect not only homeowners but as well as the neighborhood and to ensure all will be safe during the removal. Some look at this as additional financial burden however the government accreditation system with private providers has reduced the cost of burden and many Sydney residents can turn to reliable Indoor Air Quality Testing Sydney that offers reasonable and acceptable rates and work closely with asbestos contractors.

The government in understanding the risks of chemical wastes exposure to its citizens and environment, created a partnership with health, safety and environmental services in Australia to allow a safe place for all of its stakeholders.

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