Wine appreciation is an art that a few of us were able to master. More than the taste of the wine, we usually come after the whole package, including good food and good company. We have searched the map for some of the finest wine restaurants across the globe and look what we have found.

Bodega O. Fournier’s Vineyard and Urban Restaurant, Argentina

The vineyards are overlooking the Andes mountains; the winery is of minimalist style, standing in the middle of the great landscape. If you are dining in such an amazing location, how can you complain? Well, you can if the food is not good. But Urban restaurant’s chef always has something tasty to pull together. The fixed-course meals are cooked from fresh local ingredients; their Mediterranean flavors are savory enough to fire up their red wines.

Penfolds’ Magill Estate Restaurant, Australia

This restaurant is located in a sleek building that provides amazing views of the very popular Penfolds vineyards. The food is very good, sourced from local producers and is mainly composed of kangaroo, pepperberries, and wattleseed. The dishes go very well together with the Penfolds’ collection of vintage wines.

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