Plan your Own Dream Honeymoon

When you are getting married, you do not just focus your attention to the stressful details of actually staging the most important day in your life. You must also include planning your dream honeymoon into the list of your things to-do. The part where you are going to spend the sweetest first moments as husband and wife is something you can look forward to after the tiresome task of putting together your dream wedding.

wine-honeymoonPlanning is Key

As with anything, planning is an essential step you must take to ensure that you are going to have a hassle-free vacation. By planning your trip, you will be able to organize the details and your itinerary so you can make the most of this opportunity.

When planning a honeymoon, you will have to establish what kind of vacation suits you and your spouse best. This will determine your location, the activities you may indulge in, the kind of accommodation you will feel most comfortable with, etc.

Location, Baby

Finding the perfect spot is a make or break. Australia has promising honeymoon spots so you don’t really have to go too far. Going on an out-of-town or out-of-the-country trip depends on what kind of experience you want to share as newlyweds. If you choose to stay within your area, it will be easy for your videographer to integrate honeymoon into your wedding videos. That would be pretty convenient. It’s a different thing altogether, however, if you want to keep the honeymoon secluded and just between the two of you.

When choosing a honeymoon spot, keep some notes in mind:

* It must have a laid-back character to help you detox and de-stress.

* It must have various points of interests.

* Serenity, beautiful views, and good food must be present.

Australia has various spots perfect for honeymoon. The same way it does with wedding videography. Some popular choices for newlyweds include:

Cradle Mountain – This is the best place to go if you want to enjoy the best that nature can offer. Taking a trip to the Cradle Mountain will give you an opportunity to enjoy the wilderness while giving yourself a go at adventures like hiking.

Sunshine Coast – If being close to the beach is your choice, this must be your pick. It has beautiful beaches and it offers comfortable temperature ranges.

Barossa Valley – This amazing spot south of Australia is known for its full-packed adventure tours decorated with picturesque sceneries. There are various attractions you can explore. While you are at it, you will surely enjoy dipping your teeth in delectable dishes and wondrous glasses of unique-tasting wines.

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Indulge on French Wine, Cheese, and Culture

There are three things you could not miss about France – wine, cheese, and culture. For a lot of people, France is one of the most wonderful tourist destinations in the world, especially for eating out, roaming around, and discovering a great culture with rich history.

Nothing about a French tour could make your life less interesting. That’s because any kind of adventure that you do in this country is super exciting. Aside from wine tasting and dining out, France is also great to explore with its numerous ruins, castles, luscious architecture, and colorful culture.

Paris on a Budget

francewineWhen traveling to France, the most important concern is how long you can hold on to a few Euros in your wallet without sacrificing the quality of your journey. Don’t worry. Budget travel is possible, even in such an expensive destination. You just have to be aware of the many ways you could save.

* For your accommodation, it is advisable that you favor a dorm room than a hotel room. In Paris, hotel rooms can cost at least $80 per night. For a dorm room, you can only be charged anything between $27 and $40.

* For your car hire, make sure to look for a budget company that will chauffeur you to the most scenic sights in Paris. Although Paris has one of the most efficient and comprehensive transport systems, there is no need to trash the idea of car rental altogether, mainly for your sense of comfort. Take note as well that compare car hire is readily available for those who book early.

* For your food, it is advisable that you eat as French do. Do not waste precious Euros on hotel breakfast service. Instead, get out on the streets and visit a local café that will serve you a sumptuous pastry and coffee for a small price. Indulge on a good dining experience for lunch with a prix fixe menu, which consists of a starter, a main dish, a dessert, and some wine. Dinner should only consist of a sandwich or croissant, or pastry as you are well stuffed for lunch.

* For things to do, it is best that you put away a good sum to enjoy the Louvre, the biggest museum in the world. Of course, there are also other must-see sites that you could not miss, including the Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysees, Jardin de Luxemborg, Montemarte, and the Latin Quarter among others.

There is really no need to spend an arm and a leg for an enjoyable tour of France.

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The Wine-Making Region of Chianti in Tuscany, Italy

There is a very interesting region in Tuscany, Italy that’s perfect for wine enthusiasts. Chianti, which is located between Florence and Siena, provides the authentic wine-tasting experience. Aside from the beautiful landscapes that surround the hilly region, there is this interesting fact about ancient wine-making, which producers are coming back to these days.

italianwineChianti Classico, from the distinctive label of Black Rooster, is clearly known as one of the tastiest wines in the world. It is made, no less, than from Chianti’s local sangiovese grapes and is carefully concocted based on the ancient traditions. Here are some wineries in Chianti that are worth paying a visit to better understand what comes with every bottle of Chianti Classico.

Fontodi – This is a 110-hectare organic farm owned by Giovanni Manetti. Like most vineyards, hectares and hectares of vines and olive trees can be found in here, but to maximize the remaining space in between, barley is also planted. This is one of the wineries in the region that’s coming back to its roots, and trying to produce tasty wines using terracotta vats instead of the usual wooden barrel. Aside from the ancient traditions, green principles are also closely observed within the estate.

Val delle Corti – This popular chianti classico brand is produced by Roberto Bianchi. He is a feisty wine maker who owns six hectares of organic land. He, too, is loyal to the ancient tradition of producing wines. But, Roberto believes that adding some flavor of international grape variants instead of using pure sangiovese is the key to opening the gateway to the global market. His judgment was true. His three labels – riserva, vino di tavola, and chianti classico are all acceptable on international wine market standards.

Le Boncie – The vineyard is owned by another great winemaker in the region: Giovanna Morganta. She is overseeing the operations in a five-hectare land that grows sangiovese grapes to make the classic and tasty chianti classico. She is hands-on in tending the vineyards and fermenting the wines. The way she grows her vines is quite amazing. She uses the old and tested alberelo method wherein vines are allowed to grow free. They are not constantly trimmed. Wild plants and weeds are allowed to grow in its environment.

If you want a great wine-tasting experience, you better take the next flight to Chianti. Explore its surroundings and have a grand time choosing what suits your palate. Aside from the wineries, there are also restaurants and osteries that are all over.

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