Wedding Photo Sydney: Wedding Ideas for 2015

One of the most memorable milestones in a person’s life is the day he is married. To keep the memories fresh, a wedding photo Sydney service is called for. These are professionals that make you look good on your wedding day. Or, at least, you would look good in the wedding pictures. These also happen to be some of the most popular personal pictures that friends and relatives like to view. For 2015, there are some trends in weddings and events photography that you should consider if you are going to tie the knot.

Proposal photography and videos

Location weddingNowadays, a wedding photo schedule gets quite hectic. The aim of the multiple photo shoots is to recreate the romance through video and pictures. Aside from the actual photos from the event, there are also proposal and pre-nuptial photo shoots, and the after-wedding and reception photos. For a wedding photo Sydney, there are a lot of possible locations for proposal photos. The team help create the story behind the wedding. For a lot of people, the excitement begins with the proposal photos. The trend is to have these shot with hidden cameras, both for stills and for video. It might even come with a production number of sorts.

Pre-nuptial photography and videos

Pre-nuptial photography is another growing trend and expected to become more popular in the coming years. This is more of a dress rehearsal and fashion photography for the couple and entourage. In some instances, it can be used like a movie trailer to be shown before the wedding, or during the reception. Getting everything done right for wedding photo Sydney is a lot of work. This requires a team of professionals who know their job, and have done it countless times before.

Marriage of creative stills and video

With the technical developments in photography, most people already use cameras in their daily lives. These include photos from their cell phones, tablets and from cheap compact cameras. This development has forced professional photographers to be more creative and offer better services. In addition, DSLR’s are now capable of filming movie quality videos. This has helped Sydney wedding photos to offer a better-integrated package of video and photo services at a reasonable price.

Video montage with more pictures

When getting married, wedding photography Sydney can be a big help before and after the ceremony. It puts people in a frame of mind. It reminds the bride and groom, and their relatives and friends that the wedding is happening. A video montage can be created with pictures from friends and from different cameras. This can also be done on site as well during the wedding proper or viewed almost on real-time while it happens.

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Dine with the Finest Wines from Chile

Cheers to Chile

The next time you pour wine into your glass or raise a toast to your loved ones, it might very well be that you are about to taste one of the finest wines straight from Chile’s top wineries. Not many know that Chile is one of the top exporters of wine in the world and some of the best brands come form the heart of Chile’s wineries. As good as these wines are, it is more interesting to know about their source. Chilean wines have an exotic aroma much like the South American culture and a distinct texture, which sets it apart from the aesthetic European wines. Sipping these wines are as good as going for a trip to Chile. Below are some of the best Chilean wineries.

Vina Aquitaniawineries_chile

Set amidst the foothills of the picturesque Andes and on the outskirts of Santiago, the owners of this vineyard believe more in quality than quantity. That’s precisely why the vineyard is small as compared to the others in the country but is highly sought after by both tourists as well as wine tasters from all over the globe. The backdrop of the imposing Andes range makes it not just a delight for your taste buds but also for your eyes as it is an unforgettable sight.

Matetic Vineyards

A trip to Chile is incomplete without visiting the Matetic Vineyards. The setting is quite spectacular with low intertwined hills, which are manicured with the finest grape plantations spread across thousands of acres. The wines go through strenuous quality checks by the tireless staff who handpick each grape for the production and distillation of the wines. No wonder that the wines are rich in taste and quality. The winery produces both red and white wine, which is then exported to the rest of the world.


This place experiences the perfect Mediterranean weather all year around, which makes the winery a perfect breeding ground for growing grapes and manufacturing wine. Thanks to this natural weather that this winery has produced some of the finest wines for over a century. When it comes to wine making, this winery has a perfect mix of traditional methods fused with modern technology.

Vina Balduzzi

This winery exudes the air of the rich bygone era with colonial buildings still standing tall and well maintained around the vineyards. This vineyard is a result of the efforts of four generations. Started by Don Albano Balduzzi in the 1700s, the wine making tradition is going strong by Jorge Balduzzi today. It is located in San Janvier, which lies in the Malle Valley. No reservations are required to visit the site as the visitors are more than welcome by the staff who guide them across the length and breadth of the winery.

Vina Maipo

This winery is located in the traditional wine making area of the country. What makes this winery idyllic is the mix of right climate and soil. The grapes are grown from a vineyard that spans almost two decades, which gives a unique flavour and texture to the wine. The wines produced here range from the most cheapest to the most exclusive categories hence it is sold worldwide across various countries thus makes this winery very popular in Chile.

The bottom line

If you are planning a trip to Chile, do not afford to miss Chile’s top wineries as it will turn out to be a fine wining and dining experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

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An Exclusive Tour You Don’t Want to Miss

Holidays and tours are an exciting time to relax, learn and experience new things. Yarra Valley Wine Tours could be just what you are looking for in order to experience that unforgettable holiday. Travel to Australia for a taste of the best wine and food prepared with utmost expertise. The experts will introduce you to famous foods and wines of the region. You can even make customized arrangements in consultation with your guide for a chance to experience the best produce, wine and fine food. The transport options for getting to the wineries are endless and range from driving a car to riding a motorcycle. The height lovers will have the time of their life arriving in style in a hot air balloon.

yarra-yering-tour-tastingFor those who would prefer to have a quiet drive through the farms there are several self-drive touring routes with captivating views. Sample the best wine at gourmet outlets, wineries and roadside stalls or get the opportunity to choose the best cider from among the most enticing beer and cider producers. The highly experienced and friendly staff will help you choose between the available flexible public tours or personalized private tours. For the public tours, you will be treated to iconic tours to wineries which majority would want to visit and there is also an opportunity to make requests to visit particular wineries. A personalized tour is ideal for those who desire to pamper themselves. It is also a great opportunity to visit the wineries that are of interest to an individual. You will also enjoy delicious meals in the course of your visit to the wineries and treats to the best wines, coffee or tea. The best part is that you get to do all these without being rushed in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Group tours can be organized regardless the size of the group. Be it a girls’ day out or corporate tours for work colleagues or clients.

All arrangements for the day are taken care of by the touring agency leaving you with enough time to relax and enjoy the tour. The agencies maintain constant contact with the wineries and therefore they do an excellent job selecting the venues that best suit your requirements. Feel free to visit the wineries for varied occasions, be it wedding preview tours, weekend tours with friends or baby shower luncheons. Having a taste of an array of handmade cheese would most definitely be an amazing twist for the tour. Some buses even have refrigeration to preserve any of the products you’ll decide to purchase while on tour. Pick-up services are also available by arrangement and you get to enjoy the luxury of being picked from your hotel or home at the time agreed upon. Pick up times can also be altered to suit your schedule and requirements. This is more than enough for an exciting and fulfilling tour. Waste not any more time trying to decide on an ideal weekend getaway or family treat and visit the Yarra Valley wineries. Even when you have absolutely no idea what to expect, you will most certainly not be disappointed.

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Serving Delicious and Succulent Meat Anytime Made Easy

Having a home party or anywhere? Why not make a big difference by giving your special guests a taste of spit roast menu on their party plates?

spit_roastRoasting large chunks meat or whole animal with a spit is a traditional cooking used by early Aussie settlers. This cooking method is often used to cook large food to feed many people. Spit roast is commonly done with pigs as the most common animal cooked this way. Lambs and calf are reserved for special occasions or for entertaining special guests. The large chunks of meat or the whole animal is skewered on a metal rod (Asians use bamboos instead) and cooked in an open fire.

Today, spit roasting is seldom done at home and was replaced by roasting meat by grilling or barbecuing. This is partly because of limited time and limited space of modern households. However, spit roast has become a symbol of a grand entertainment and many catering services around Australia offer succulent roasted pigs or calf to serve party guests with delicious, tender and flavorful Australian breed meat products like Angus and Wagyu. With Australia being the world’s third largest exporter of beef, it’s not surprising that every catering service across the country carry a spit roasting catering services for occasions like weddings, reunions, birthdays, sporting clubs events  and other celebrations with large attendees.

A spit roast catering company either delivers or roasts the animal on site depending on the request of the clients. The service includes two crews, the roaster and the slicer or server. The price is dependent on the kind of meat and sizes.  Roast meat like lambs and calf are priced by pounds if not a whole animal is roasted. In most cases, roasting is done on site as an added attraction of the party or event. Some finger food catering services also have spit roasted meat on their menu or with a slicer to serve small portions for guests to enjoy or a combination in a menu that is priced per plate.

For your convenience, it is best to ask for quotes and menu. You can also ask for a customized menu that you can create or select from a choice combinations. Many spit roast catering services in Australia offer complete catering services with traditional table, silver service, buffet and smorgasbord. You don’t need to hire additional manpower as most of them offer complete party and events catering.

Taking extra steps for delicious and succulent roasted meat for your guests to enjoy is now made easy by  spit roasting catering services in Australia at any time of the year.

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Sightseeing in Stunning Sydney

Sydney has always been a favorite tourist destination in the whole world. As soon as you set foot in this lovely city, you will be embraced with bountiful attractions both manmade and natural. From the central business district to the outskirts, a number of tourist spots can be seen and if you want to feel the countryside, Hunter Valley tours is a perfect start.

sydney_tours_hunterHunter Valley is located approximately 120 kilometers north of Sydney. Since it constitutes a vast land area, it also known as the hunter region. With acres of grape vineyard, Hunter Valley is well-known for the best wine producer in the entire continent. While wine-growing is the region’s most promoted product, the state also takes pride with its scenic rivers, mountain ranges, horse breeding sites and coal industry. Being the 6th most-visited place in Australia, Hunter Valley tours is a favored package by tourists’ all-year round.

Hunter Valley is just two hours away from Sydney. Because of this close proximity, weekends are always full of visitors comprising of locals and tourists. Most visitors avail of day trips in Sydney to reach the place. A day spent in this wine country is actually full of beautiful things. From grape-picking to wine-tasting, tourists will truly love every activity that the place offers. As you explore the region, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Brokenback Mountains, spot some rare animal species in its wildlife sanctuary or drive to scenic Port Stephen. There’s just so plenty of things to do once you set foot in beautiful Hunter Valley.

If it is your first time to visit Sydney, never miss to visit Hunter Valley. Actually, once you communicate with the locals, they will always recommend this place if you are searching for sightseeing Sydney that involves nature tripping.

Hunter Valley can be reached in almost all types of transportation. The shortest trip is via airplane heading to Cessnock Airport or New Castle. You can also opt to rent a car and enjoy a scenic two-hour drive from central Sydney. Depending on the kind of Hunter Valley tours you have chosen, you will surely get information on what kind of vehicle to use.

Sydney will never lose its charm as a tourist destination because the locals are very much concerned about environmental preservation. They care a lot for their tourist attractions so that the city remains to be a top choice for vacationing.

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Visiting the Best Wine Restaurant in North America

If you love enjoying a good meal on your travels, you may want to learn about some of the best wine restaurants in North America. These restaurants specialize in creating exquisite wine and food pairings that perfectly balance each other to create culinary masterpieces.

With California being the wine country in North America, it’s no surprise that one of the top rated wine restaurants is Los Gatos in Manresa, California. The chef David Kinch pairs local foods from the Love Apple Farm and personally picks the wines on the extensive menu. For the best experience, try the seasonal tasting menu. This exciting dining experience takes you through several courses, each with their own drink pairing.manresa

Chicago’s Next restaurant is not for the faint of heart, and don’t expect to see consistent dishes. Every three months, the chef Grant Achatz and his staff transform to a different time period or theme, with foods and wines from that specific period. Paris 1912 was a recent theme and brought people from around the world, eager to try his signature take on early 20th century food and rink pairings. With this restaurant, prices change daily but diners actually purchase tickets that include the entire meal, including drink pairings. Just remember that at Next, Grant Achatz’s word is law when it comes to food and wine.

When visiting New York, seek out Ichimura, a sushi bar located inside the popular restaurant Brushstroke. Originated through Japan’s Tsuji Culinary Institute, master Eiji Imchimura prepares signature dishes, often using fish cured in salt, soy, or vinegar. The wine list is over 50 pages long and was rated 28 on the Zagat 2012 Winning Wine List. Adrien Falcon, the sommelier, collaborates with the chef to provide expert recommendations and constantly seek out the top wine and food pairings. Don’t be afraid to live on the wild side, even if his recommendations may seem outside the box!

Finally, visit Tarryton, New York and enjoy a meal at the Blue Hill Farm. This restaurant is staffed by sustainable-food visionary Dan Barber. Along with a restaurant, the area also features a non-profit educational center and farm that provides most of the produce for the restaurant. Since the menu changes every day, choose the “grazing, pecking, rooting pairing” to try some of the best food and wine pairings available.

If you’ve ever wanted to try some of the best wine restaurants in North America, this list gives you a few options to start. Plan your next trip to include visiting these top spots and make your vacation truly memorable.

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Best Wine and Wineries in Asia

wineryAre you staying late at the winery in Asia and gazing at the stacks of a year ago stock and inhaling this current year’s juice in the tanks, while tend to a fare document to download?

  • does your innovation make your business HARDER to oversee?
  • losing slumber attempting to stay aware of your winery’s engineering technology?
  • does every new result require more exertion to incorporate with your current engineering technology?
  • would you get a kick out of the chance to better utilize portable engineering, QR Codes, social networking, however don’t have room schedule-wise to evaluate everything?

Asia is actually been voted by most of the tourists around the world as been one of the best continent having the best wineries in Asia thus making it simple to have a coordinated site, e-business, purpose-of-offer, wine club, email fight and client relationship administration programming framework for your winery in Asia, that stays aware of new engineering.


  • convert online guests into your clients with a powerful site.
  • revise your online substance at whatever time with a simple-to-utilize undertaking substance administration framework.
  • accept buyer and exchange requests on the web, in full agree-ability with all wine shipping laws.
  • use versatile innovation in your tasting room to catch visitor data, and influence that information for showcasing and client unwavering programs.
  • integrate online deals into your winery operations. We’re incorporated with transportation transporters, satisfaction focuses, consistence, installment and bookkeeping administrations.
  • Save staff time with progressed site administration apparatuses.
  • Analyze your online deals to comprehend your clients.

Wine Web started offering an e-business programming administration to wineries in Asia in 1995, preceding the expression “e-trade” existed. Actually, it was one of the first organizations on the Internet that incorporated a database into a site.

You’ll find that the winery programming administrations are savvy, allowing you to determine esteem from the immediate wine deals channel. What is given is a small winery esteem with an extensive winery list of capabilities.

  • Winery sites with incorporated winery-particular substance administration framework. This is such a great amount of more than static site pages made by your brother by marriage.
  • Winery e-Commerce administrations to acknowledge and methodology your client requests on the web.
  • Winery Point-of-Sale framework for winery tasting rooms. Versatile, multi area. Use on any gadget with a program..
  • email crusade administrations to effortlessly make, target, send and oversee telecast messages to your supporter records.
  • Wine club programming framework to oversee parts and procedure club shipments.
  • Customer Relationship Management devices to deal with your current clients and your deals pipeline.
  • E-Marketplace advancement administrations to gain exposure to your wine.

Click here for more list of wineries in Asia:

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Immortalizing Wedding Memories

Your wedding day is one of the most precious moments in your life. It is a once in a lifetime occasion of fully celebrating your love and commitment to your spouse in front of all your family and friends. Fortunately, even though it only lasts for a day, modern technology found a way to immortalize this occasion by capturing all the important moments in Sydney wedding video.

Sydney Wedding VideoIf you want to truly immortalize your wedding day, it is important that you only hire the services of professional videographers to do the job. There is a reason why the wedding industry is in its all-time high; that is because people have already realized that saving money for poor quality wedding video is not at all worth it in the long run. Compare a professionally shot Australia wedding video to an amateur home video of a wedding and you will fully appreciate the advantages of hiring a professional.

Capturing details

Only professional and highly skilled videographers can truly capture the precious moments all throughout your wedding day. You should keep in mind that it is not only about the scene but angles and shot selection are also as important considering that they have the power to evoke emotions and intensify feelings. For the untrained eye, there could be key instances wherein one will think the same is irrelevant but for the talented and experienced eye, these moments are important bits to record the entire story. Sydney wedding cinematography does not simply record moments but seals memories in a film so that you can readily relish the time over and over again.

Telling a story

Filming wedding videos are not merely shooting bits and pieces of what happened during your important event but it is about arranging this bits and pieces and adding harmony so that it will be able to tell a seamless and flawless story about your love for each other. A professional videographer has the skill to edit your wedding video in such a way that you are almost watching a classic Hollywood movie.

At the end of it all, your wedding day is indeed the completion of the first chapter of your love and life story. It is the culmination of all you have worked for and invested. Such day should be immortalized so that it will never be forgotten or taken for granted and a professionally created wedding video is the key to achieve this.

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World’s Best Wine-Producing Countries

wineWine is an alcoholic drink with a vast number of fans all over the world. However, you will be shocked to realize that most of those who enjoy drinking different types of wines have no any information of the origin of that drink. Nevertheless, those who have a lot of information about a particular wine will get more satisfaction when they drink it because they have full trust on wines from a specific country. In this regard, this article presents you with the list of the best wine countries and the specific types of wines they specialize in producing, and it includes the following:

· France

It is beyond doubt that France is the largest wine producing country in the world. In fact, most of the wines in the restaurants, hotels, and so on are from France. However, France specializes in producing Merlot and Grenache wines.

· Italy

Italy is the second world’s largest wine producing country. It has a vast amount of vineyards. It specializes in producing Sangiovese and Trebbiaon wines.

· Spain

The largest vineyard acreage in the whole world is found in Spain. Despite this fact, this country produces much lower volumes of wine as compared to the two previous countries. However, they are the leading in producing Airen and Temprenillo wines.

· United States

Almost 90 percent of the wines produced in the United States are from California. Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay are the major types of wines produced in this country.

· Argentina

Argentina’s wine production rate is growing year after year. In fact, it is estimated that it has a highest rate of about 8 percent as per the recent statistics. In this regard, Argentina’s economy depends largely on wine exports. It is expert in producing Melbec and Chardonny wines.

· Australia

Australia is a wine country, and it relies heavily on wine export market. Much of its wine marketing is done in Asia and Hong Kong. The type of the wines that it produces best is the Shiraz and Chardonny.

· Germany

German wine is well known for their ‘aromatic white wines’. Most of the wines produced in this country are exported to United Kingdom and US. Müller-Thurgau and Riesling are the major types of wines produced in Germany.

· South Africa

In Africa, this is largest wine producing county. It is well known for Colombard and Chenin Blanc wines.

· Portugal

This country is known for producing a high alcohol desert wine made by combining several varieties of grapes, called the port wine. Other major types of wine from Portugal include Alvarinho and Port grapes.

· Chile

My list will not be complete without mentioning this country. It is the home of red wine variety. It is endowed with the production of Cabernet and Chardonny wines.



The list of the best wine countries in the world is endless. However, the above stands tall in terms of production output and the fact that many people all over the world like their wines.


Read more about the history of Wine:

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Plan your Own Dream Honeymoon

When you are getting married, you do not just focus your attention to the stressful details of actually staging the most important day in your life. You must also include planning your dream honeymoon into the list of your things to-do. The part where you are going to spend the sweetest first moments as husband and wife is something you can look forward to after the tiresome task of putting together your dream wedding.

wine-honeymoonPlanning is Key

As with anything, planning is an essential step you must take to ensure that you are going to have a hassle-free vacation. By planning your trip, you will be able to organize the details and your itinerary so you can make the most of this opportunity.

When planning a honeymoon, you will have to establish what kind of vacation suits you and your spouse best. This will determine your location, the activities you may indulge in, the kind of accommodation you will feel most comfortable with, etc.

Location, Baby

Finding the perfect spot is a make or break. Australia has promising honeymoon spots so you don’t really have to go too far. Going on an out-of-town or out-of-the-country trip depends on what kind of experience you want to share as newlyweds. If you choose to stay within your area, it will be easy for your videographer to integrate honeymoon into your wedding videos. That would be pretty convenient. It’s a different thing altogether, however, if you want to keep the honeymoon secluded and just between the two of you.

When choosing a honeymoon spot, keep some notes in mind:

* It must have a laid-back character to help you detox and de-stress.

* It must have various points of interests.

* Serenity, beautiful views, and good food must be present.

Australia has various spots perfect for honeymoon. The same way it does with wedding videography. Some popular choices for newlyweds include:

Cradle Mountain – This is the best place to go if you want to enjoy the best that nature can offer. Taking a trip to the Cradle Mountain will give you an opportunity to enjoy the wilderness while giving yourself a go at adventures like hiking.

Sunshine Coast – If being close to the beach is your choice, this must be your pick. It has beautiful beaches and it offers comfortable temperature ranges.

Barossa Valley – This amazing spot south of Australia is known for its full-packed adventure tours decorated with picturesque sceneries. There are various attractions you can explore. While you are at it, you will surely enjoy dipping your teeth in delectable dishes and wondrous glasses of unique-tasting wines.

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