Serving Delicious and Succulent Meat Anytime Made Easy

Having a home party or anywhere? Why not make a big difference by giving your special guests a taste of spit roast menu on their party plates?

spit_roastRoasting large chunks meat or whole animal with a spit is a traditional cooking used by early Aussie settlers. This cooking method is often used to cook large food to feed many people. Spit roast is commonly done with pigs as the most common animal cooked this way. Lambs and calf are reserved for special occasions or for entertaining special guests. The large chunks of meat or the whole animal is skewered on a metal rod (Asians use bamboos instead) and cooked in an open fire.

Today, spit roasting is seldom done at home and was replaced by roasting meat by grilling or barbecuing. This is partly because of limited time and limited space of modern households. However, spit roast has become a symbol of a grand entertainment and many catering services around Australia offer succulent roasted pigs or calf to serve party guests with delicious, tender and flavorful Australian breed meat products like Angus and Wagyu. With Australia being the world’s third largest exporter of beef, it’s not surprising that every catering service across the country carry a spit roasting catering services for occasions like weddings, reunions, birthdays, sporting clubs events  and other celebrations with large attendees.

A spit roast catering company either delivers or roasts the animal on site depending on the request of the clients. The service includes two crews, the roaster and the slicer or server. The price is dependent on the kind of meat and sizes.  Roast meat like lambs and calf are priced by pounds if not a whole animal is roasted. In most cases, roasting is done on site as an added attraction of the party or event. Some finger food catering services also have spit roasted meat on their menu or with a slicer to serve small portions for guests to enjoy or a combination in a menu that is priced per plate.

For your convenience, it is best to ask for quotes and menu. You can also ask for a customized menu that you can create or select from a choice combinations. Many spit roast catering services in Australia offer complete catering services with traditional table, silver service, buffet and smorgasbord. You don’t need to hire additional manpower as most of them offer complete party and events catering.

Taking extra steps for delicious and succulent roasted meat for your guests to enjoy is now made easy by  spit roasting catering services in Australia at any time of the year.

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