Best Tasting Charcoal Chicken – Only From Authentic Lebanese Restaurants

Charcoal chicken is the best food to go when the craving for delicious chicken lunch or dinner. With the popularity of chicken charcoal among Sydney’s diners, authentic Lebanese restaurants in and around Sydney’s suburbs offer a delicious and affordable chicken meal. Among the best to go is charcoal chicken in Granville.charcoal_chicken2

 Old traditional charcoal chicken

Lebanese charcoal chicken differs from the rest as the recipe is authentic Lebanese chicken meal. The charcoal grilling is handed from generations to generations complete with the rules of right chicken grilling. Charcoal chicken in Granville uses the two zones chicken grilling where the coals are divided up at the base of the grill for a cooler zone and into the fast hating zone for fast cooking and searing. The chicken is marinated in special Lebanese concoctions of herbs and spices. Another secret of authentic Lebanese restaurants in Australia on their charcoal chicken is the perfect searing method of charcoal grilling the Lebanese way. The chicken is always moving around to achieve the even cooked chicken and none of the undercooked meat. The best part is the Lebanese garlic sauce that goes well with the grilled and juicy chicken meat. The combination, the grilled chicken and garlic sauce always end up as the best charcoal chicken in town.

Only from authentic Lebanese restaurants

Hot fast and hot, tender and juicy is what you get from a plate of charcoal chicken from an authentic Lebanese restaurant. The side dish includes delicious coleslaw and plates of grilled veggies and bowls of crispy chips. The dining experience of chicken and chips in an authentic Lebanese restaurant also includes clean and tidy surroundings and courteous and polite service from the staff. However Lebanese restaurants don’t offer charcoal chicken alone as diners can also enjoy some pizza and other authentic Lebanese foods like Hummus and the famous Baklava for some delicious dessert outings. There is also plenty of sitting for a family dining experience.

Granville is quite famous for serving authentic Lebanese charcoal chicken. Many Australian diners prefer to travel to Granville just to satisfy their regular cravings for charcoal chicken. While some restaurants also serve charcoal chicken but in their own way and not as flavorsome compared to a Lebanese charcoal chicken. Charcoal chicken in Granville from a Lebanese restaurant is eaten for lunch, dinner and even for breakfast simply because the chicken is a classic Lebanese dish packed with Lebanese flavors and freshness.

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