4 Reasons Why You Should Visit France In Your Next Vacation


Are you an Aussie thinking about the best destination for your upcoming vacation? Or better yet, are you thinking along the lines of Europe? If you answered yes to all the above, why not give some thought to France?

The county is not only known for the great hospitality of its people, there are even more things to do in France that will always leave you begging for a second trip so read on to find out.


Start From The Top With The Eiffel Tower

Simply put, you have not been to France if you have not beheld the majestic Eiffel Tower, took a photo with it and spent hours simply marveling at this great piece of art. Indeed, it is a landmark that quite well dominates the Parisian skyline.

Named after the engineer, Gustave Eiffer, the iron monument may have been completed way back in 1889 but it still holds its charm and attraction and something that will definitely appeal to an ordinary Australian tourist.


 eiffelWalk Down Memory Lane By Visiting The D-Day Sights

This is yet another one of the best places to go in France and if you have only have the long war stories narrated to you by your history teacher, then this is the closest you will ever get to share in the pains and the cruelties of some of the greatest wartime operations in history.

Take advantage of a visit here to explore the heritage of this beautiful land as you examine the locations of the operations of airborne troops and Special Forces. One good thing about the scene is that it abuts onto enchanting beaches, just so you can go relieve the pain of the memories of these wartime periods.


Invoke The Artist In You By Visiting The Grotte de Font de Gaume

Forget what you have heard of Africa being the real cradle of mankind – France could just be yet another cradle [as far as Europe is concerned]. Visiting France is not only a chance to enjoy the cuisine of this bountiful land but also experience some of the rarest and fascinating prehistoric locations in the world such as the Grotte de Font de Gaume

Grotte de Font de Gaume boasts of some of the world’s most treasured prehistoric paintings, the very paintings that would give us inkling on what the kind of ancient civilization in this part of the world was. There are also many caves to explore for the more adventurous souls. The area has been marked as part of the UNESCO World Heritage of the Vezere Valley.


And End Your Vsit In Style At The Musee du Louvre

This museum contains some of the most celebrated artworks in the world, not to mention breathtaking sculptures and artefacts from periods dating over 2000 years ago. The building itself has a history dating back to the 12th Century and is indeed one of the oldest museums in France.

One great thing about the museum is that the wonder of it starts the moment you set your eyes on it, as it is a great architectural marvel in itself. There is enough wiggle room inside so you can walk freely and feed your eyes on these artefacts as long as you can.

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